✧ To be healthy means to be in energetic balance, in harmony.

✧ Human beings have seven subtle bodies of energy, including the physical body, that are interconnected and each vibrate at different frequencies.

✧ To be free of physical and/or emotional pain, energetic balance must be restored across all of the subtle bodies.

✧ The heart is the master balancing organ. The SA node, ie. the pacemaker, sets the rhythm of the heart and the tone for your entire system's functioning. When the heart is in harmony, it beats in a cohesive rhythm with the universal energy field, sustaining optimal health.

✧ The heart is also the bridge between the lower chakras (embodiment), and the higher chakras (enlightenment). It is the center point between the physical and spiritual axis of human existence.

✧ Restoring your heart to balance enables you to manifest holistic health and attract greater abundance into your life.

The Human Energy System -
Its Seven Subtle
Planes of Consciousness | image by Murray Creek
The Human Energy System - Its Seven Subtle Planes of Consciousness | image by Murray Creek

About Kat Kaplan

Deemed an “Energy Shaman” by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert of The Vesica Institute, Kat is an initiated modern day Shamanic Priestess who works as a Light Healer and specializes in Heart Balancing. 

Kat was trained and mentored by leading Vibrational Scientist, Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, in Energy Testing & Healing, Advanced Egyptian BioGeometry Energy Balancing, Spiritual Science & the Healing Technology of Crystals. Additionally, she is trained in Visionary Craniosacral Work, Shamanism, Stone Medicine and Vinyasa Yoga.

Kat weaves light into your energy field to support deep healing. She works within the seen and the unseen worlds and acts as a guide, safely navigating you through change in the energetic, or spirit world -- through the transformation of pain --  into greater energetic balance and holistic health, as those changes are reflected back into the physical body.

Kat combines shamanism, energy alchemy & stone medicine to create a unique healing modality. 

"Kat Kaplan is an Energy Shaman working with amazing technologies & modalities to accelerate healing on the planet." - Anna Brooke, Interdisciplinary Healing Arts Practitioner

She sees clients at Studio M in Sonoma, California. 

Time and space are mere variables in this work, so Kat also holds distance healing sessions.

She leads healing ceremonies, guided meditations, hosts crystal workshops, does environmental healing, makes powerful healing products, and teaches yoga.


"Kat and her healing abilities are a gift from the universe. I feel so blessed to have her here at the studio. Beyond our bones and muscles, we all need this essential energy cleansing and recharging work so that we may be our best selves and live our best lives.
Her work is healing for the physical body and creates space for positive personal growth. I am elated to welcome Kat and her beautiful work to the Studio M community. I highly recommend a session with her."
- Sue Aslin, Owner at Studio M

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