Bespoke Healing Pendant

Kat creates Bespoke Healing Pendants to accelerate and anchor the manifestation of your desires into your life, to clear and restore your energy field, and protect you from toxic energy present in your field. Created in a vibrationally encoded capsule which amplifies and projects the energy throughout your entire energy system.

Kat uses vibrational testing to discover what toxic environmental imprints are present in your field such as toxic psychic energy, environmental toxins, earth radiation, EMF and more and will create an antidote pattern that will remove these energetic toxins from your field and keep you protected from them.

She also utilizes holographic media with a series of patterns to clear and restore your energy system. 

Kat also uses a vibrationally encoded pen to write the intention, desire, or prayer you'd like to manifest, which when placed in the vial - activates it once you put it on and helps to anchor it in your field, accelerating its manifestation.

Kat completes the vial by placing a *very* rare gemstone that is divine white light in crystallized form inside of it, which greatly raises the vibration of the wearer.

The bespoke activation pendant holds these encodings permanently and will project them into your field for as long as you wear it.

People purchase these pendants to protect themselves from EMF and environmental toxins, raise their vibration, raise their energy levels, manifest abundance into their life & more.

Cost, $200 + Shipping