What a Session Involves

Each session is a sacred ceremony. Kat incorporates powerful crystals, vibrational science tools, such as pendulums and lasers, and sound into her work. She guides you into a state of deep relaxation and supports your self-healing journey. 

Your intention guides the session and together you address what arises to be transformed.

☥ release energetic blockages

☥ open and restore energy channels

☥ knit auric tears

☥ upgrade etheric templates in your subtle body structures 

☥ clear and re-balance your chakras

☥ Soul retrieval

☥ entity removal

☥ sweep the emotional and mental planes of trauma and lower vibratory energy

☥ release old patterns from the subconscious

☥ remove unhealthy energetic chords

☥ weave new etheric patterns to heal energetic wounds

☥ raise the vibration of your energy system 

& more.

Benefits include relief from physical and emotional pain, increased vitality, an overall sense of feeling lighter, greater awareness & more.

Time and space are mere variables in this work, so Kat also holds distance healing sessions.

Physical pain release can include:

✧ lower back

✧ hips

✧ shoulders

✧ neck

✧ headaches

✧ jaw tension

Emotional pain relief can include:

✧ unprocessed grief

✧  trauma release

✧ feelings of shame and isolation

✧ addiction

✧ anger

✧ feeling lost and disconnected

✧ anxiety

✧ loneliness and depression

Energy system benefits can include:

✧ grounding and embodiment

✧ heart expansion - the ability to give and receive love in its purest form

✧ connection to one's Higher Self

✧ ability to manifest one's desires in the present


Price List

"Kat is a true healer. She is masterful in her ability to feel & move energy. I’ve been fortunate to receive healing sessions from her, and luckier still that she has provided me with powerful energy balancing tools and crystals that have transformed my home, health, relationships and work. I truly feel like I can manifest anything that I need/want and I’m giving her the credit for that. The wisdom & tools she so generously shares have upgraded my life in many amazing ways."

-Kate Coletti, Midwife, Massage Therapist & Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner

Qualifications & Trainings

Vibrational Science | w/ Dr. Robert J. Gilbert | The Vesica Institute

Advanced Energy Balancing | Egyptian BioGeometry

Visionary Craniosacral Work | C3 | The Milne Institute

Shamanism & Stone Medicine | w/ Jeffrey Yuen | Daoist Traditions College

Egyptian Mystery School | w/ Nicki Scully & Normandi Ellis | Shamanic Journeys Ltd.

Shamanic Priestess Mentorship | w/ Caroline Padgett | Mystery School of the Earth & Sky

Advanced Vinyasa Yoga | Yoga London & The Tristhana Method

Aromatherapist | NY Institute for Aromatic Studies