KA Energy Balancing Spray

Clears and restores balance to your energy field, space, crystals & more

KA Energy Balancing Spray contains a special recipe of essential oils for clearing detrimental energy and restoring beneficial vibrations. This spray is detoxifying and revitalizing. You can spray it on your energy centers, entire auric field, within your space, on your yoga mat, on your crystals & more.

It has been vibrationally tested to clear and balance detrimental imprints with one spritz.

This spray has been charged with the highly beneficial vibration of gold, the antidote to all detrimental energy waves in the color spectrum, and the energy movement pattern that protects & strengthens your energetic boundaries.

The spray has been activated with a shamanic technique and powerfully radiates the centering vibration, ie. source energy, which inspires balance.

Users have reported feelings of euphoria when using the spray on themselves.

Cost, $68 + Shipping