My Story


5 seconds and 14 feet was all it took to change the course my life. I experienced eternity, infinite unity, after falling to what should have been my permanent death. It wasn't my time to go. 

I suffered brain trauma, skull fractures, damage to my spinal cord, I lost my short term and long-term memory, along with my ability to speak without stuttering and to read and write beyond a 9 year old level. Recovering was an intense learning ground through physical pain and emotional isolation.

 I was sick of Doctor's offices and decided to move to London, seeking a new beginning. I fought through the remaining physical pain, pushed away the emotional symptoms tied to it, and distracted myself in a fanciful world of high society. I then fell in love. It ended badly and broke my heart, a pain more visceral than the physical breaking of my body. I had pushed unprocessed emotional traumas away into my subconscious mind in order to survive and be ‘happy.’ I remember consciously deciding to surrender to the idea of creating a shift, which changed everything.  

I had been told five times throughout the course of my life the same, specific message. Each messenger was female, a stranger to me, and each approached me in a different country. They told me, "A question will come to you one day, yours is a life path you must accept again in this lifetime. If you do, you will work with God and experience great success. If you do not accept, you will lead a pleasant life."

One day, quite soon after I consciously decided to surrender to my healing journey, I was guided by an unseen force to kneel at the foot of my bed. I was then asked the question I had been foretold would come. I said yes and what I can only describe as lightening bolts of pure white-hot energy, more powerful than words can express, flashed into both my palms and coursed throughout my entire body. I began to shake and cry with a deep knowing that my life would never be the same.

Transformation began to happen swiftly after that moment. Incredible teachers, seen and unseen, started to show up. I now understand I experienced a powerful activation and an accelerated path of healing and learning commenced.

I soon felt inspired to leave my 'stable' city life behind and jumped straight into the unknown, a practice in aligning with trust. I moved to Jamaica, where I met a yoga master who invited me to train with him. I practiced with him every day for months learning the true value of asana, pranayama, and meditation. I was then invited by the world's leading Vibrational Scientist to study with him at his institute in Asheville, NC and worked with him every day for a year. He taught me how to test and transform energy, how to align my clairvoyance with a scientific framework that encompasses all unseen energy and about the 'structure' of the spiritual world. He helped me make sense of all I was seeing and experiencing beyond my physical sight and about the healing power of crystals. I got to study with a Shaman who opened the door for me to using crystals as vibrational gateways and another Shaman who taught me how gentle touch can also be a gateway to opening and 'unwinding' trauma in the physical and other subtle bodies. I listened, learned, healed, expanded and have molded what I gleaned from my personal experiences and the different modalities I studied into what I now call Ka☥Healing.

I openly share my story with you so that you know with a whole heart I am here to be of service.  

What is the meaning of KA?

In ancient Egyptian Temple Science the ‘Ka’ is known as the etheric double of the physical body. It is the body’s reflection in the spiritual realm that exists as a subtle body in the physical realm. It is the subtle body through which the universal source of all energy and consciousness flows infusing an individual with life force (also known as prana, or chi). The Ka is one part of an individual’s Soul. It is responsible for energizing the physical body with consciousness. Many individuals have become disconnected consciously from their Ka. This diminishes their life force and ability to be connected to Mother Earth, ie. be fully embodied on the physical plane.

By activating your Ka, ie. consciously connecting to it, you raise your overall vibration and evolve your consciousness. 

By activating your Ka Body, you reconnect with your higher self, with the universal source of all energy and with the Earth itself. Kat weaves the higher harmonic of golden light into your subtle bodies to create a greater link etherically to the Ka body. This also inspires a re-activation of the divine feminine energy force. 

Ka is not only synonymous with the work that I do, it is symbolically my name – KAt KAplan. 

Read more about what the Ka is, here.


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