“Kat Kaplan is an Energy Balancing Specialist who instantly connects with your Soul as she radiates her Essence, simply being in her Presence is immediately healing! Her innate abilities to heal are multi-fold: She partners with Beings from the multi-dimensional universe & the Angelic realms to assist & support individuals who are ready to  transform & let go of what no longer serves them. Kat is a clear channel & works with whatever presents in the moment as she intrinsically acts as a healing catalyst for others. She is truly an Energy Re-Alignment Specialist, tasked with assisting & supporting individuals on their path of awakening, to help whoever is ready remember who they really are. She gently encourages deep healing, allowing for release & surrender, resulting in your feeling lighter, better, & truly aligned. I highly recommend Kat as your 'go to' Healer as she is one of the Best at what she does in the world...& beyond!"

- Cynthia Makhoul Starr, Founder HeartSpeak International

"Kat is an amazing intuitive and a compassionate healer. In my session I felt intimately seen and safely held. I relaxed to reveal the subconscious hooks an emotionally abusive relationship still had on me. She skillfully helped me through her touch and words, guiding and empowering me to take control of my healing. In that session I was able to let go of many things. The effects of the hour are still reverberating in my body and surroundings all these months later. Truly empowering and Healing with a capital H."

- Ella Vassallo

Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner, Biodynamic Stillness Touch Practitioner, Jungian Therapist & Reiki Master

"To the most fortunate people of Sonoma,
Kat Kaplan will be landing shortly to begin her healing practice.
The blend of the physicality (grounding) of Craniosacral with the energy of the crystals added to Kat’s healing abilities are a cocktail not to be missed!
The benefits are both pain relieving and make space for personal growth.
Beautiful, beautiful work!"

- Lynda Henn, Energy Specialist & Healer

“Kat really impressed me as being the "real deal." Not only could she find physical issues that were holding me back, she found and corrected the blockages to allow me to function better. She also correctly identified emotional issues currently going on in my family that I didn't even know about, but when I checked in with the family member, I found out there was indeed something going on. Because of Kat's work, I was so happy to be able to start the conversation to help the family member start to heal. I found my sessions with Kat to be of tremendous benefit." 

 - Alix Mayer, Health Strategist