Yoga is about building bridges with the breath, from one posture to the next, into the present moment, to the heart and into greater consciousness, for mind – body – soul connection.

Come Practice with Kat @ Noble Yoga Sonoma

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a breath led yoga practice, in which the asanas flow into one another in a creative sequence with constant dynamic movement. This class is a moving meditation.

| 60 minutes |


Monday 8:30am

Wednesday 5:30pm

Friday 8:30am

Vinyasa Flow

In this Vinyasa Flow class we begin with pranayama, move into a challenging sequence of asanas, and end with a deep meditation.

| 60 minutes |


Tuesday 7:45am

Thursday 7:45am

Yoga Strength

Yoga Strength introduces strength building exercises into your yoga practice to encourage muscle development. Increased strength and endurance unlock new possibilities for your flow. 

| 60 minutes |


Thursday 6:00pm

Noble Yoga Sonoma

209 Nino Marco Sq, Sonoma, CA 95476